Organised trip; Spectacular!

Forced Entertainment - Spectacular

Forced Entertainment - Spectacular

A lone performer takes to the stage, explaining that the show we’re watching is somehow different tonight. The atmosphere is different, his entrance was off, the lights are wrong, some scenery is missing, some performers are absent. The tone is all wrong. Things are somehow falling to pieces, or maybe things are just now falling into place. The audience reaction, our protagonist says, is not quite what he expected, not quite what he’s used to. Perhaps the fact he is dressed as a skeleton has something to do with it.

Spectacular, the latest show from provocative company Forced Entertainment, is touring the UK following shows across mainland Europe. The department will be running a coach to the performance at Contact Theatre in Manchester on Wednesday 19th November. The total cost to University of Chester students, including coach travel from/ to main campus will be just £13; a bargain!

Look out here for further details and other planned events in the coming weeks…



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