Upcoming External Events

Dani writes suggesting a couple of events you should consider at Greenroom Manchester; worth visiting both from a research perspective and also simply for entertainment.

Emergency 08, Friday 26th & Saturday 27th September

From the web page… Join us from Friday at 5pm as emergency takes over every space at greenroom: performance space, bar, mezzanine, kitchen, the workspace and even the toilet! For 36 frantic hours of over 40 short pieces of contemporary performance, live art and intervention, a veritable lucky dip – from the contemplative to the downright bonkers!

Emergency put out their calls for artists and works on the ArtsNews email list. See the UCTech blog for further details of this and the ArtsJobs list in the first posting of a new, occasional series.

The Little Sleep, Friday 14th November, 8pm

From the web page… In a whimsical imaginary underworld of malicious magical realism, metaphysical brain-teasers, labyrinthine pastiche, bittersweet cynicism and malevolent kitsch, two women unpick (and then sewback up again) the structures of hard-boiled noir fiction.



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