Upcoming Event – Endurance!

Dani writes again..!

Companions of Pram have produced a very interesting example of a more theatrical, linear narrative, fantasy piece. I do recommend this work as something you should see in comparison to a company like Forced Entertainment.

An old man hauls an equally ancient and broken piano along rusting train tracks. His energy is spent and the faceless entity that pursues is almost upon him, and yet, round the next bend, maybe…?

This extraordinary one-man show draws on the traditions of the travelling player and the expeditions of Scott and Shackleton to tell a tale of survival in the face of impossible odds and unstoppable ambition fuelled by tea and mint cake.
More info: http://www.companionsofpram.com/endurance/index.htm


A trip is planned on Thursday 30th, during the day. The performance starts at 2.30pm at the Royal Theatre in Manchester. You will need to make your own travel arrangements, but we can give directions to anyone who wishes to go. The cost of tickets is just £6.50 for students.

If you’d like to come to this, please provide Dani with ticket money no later than Monday 27th October. Dani can be found in the CKW018 office…

Train times between Chester and Manchester


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