Upcoming Event – The Little Sleep at Greenroom!

The Little Sleep – Pigeon Theatre

Friday 14th November, 8pm, Greenroom Manchester

From the Greenroom webpage

In a whimsical imaginary underworld of malicious magical realism, metaphysical brain-teasers, labyrinthine pastiche, bittersweet cynicism and malevolent kitsch, two women unpick (and then sewback up again) the structures of hard-boiled noir fiction.

The Little Sleep is a distinctly female take on the hard-boiled noir genre. Centred around a working kitchen, two performers unpick the structures of noir and sew them back up again whilst baking pies and stirring soups. Red herrings and pasties (or should that be patsies?) are also on the menu. Drawing inspiration from The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Malcolm Pryce’s Aberystwyth novels and ‘PIE’ by Angela Boggiano, core Pigeon members Anna and Gill take a darkly unsentimental look at their shared history. The recipe includes paranoia, claustrophobia and grotesque-sexy movement. As ever with Pigeon, the audience play an integral role in the show – come join the feast and see if you can spot ‘the truth’ when you see it.

Your other source of information for this event is Pigeon Theatre’s Facebook Event Page.




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2 Responses to “Upcoming Event – The Little Sleep at Greenroom!”

  1. You can also find out more about Pigeon on our website at http://www.pigeontheatre.com

    Thanks for plugging the show, John! If you come I’ll ensure you get an extra large portion of pie!

  2. Hi all,

    This is one definitely not to be missed. Book early as I’m sure the tickets will sell like hot cakes…pardon the pun!


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