Upcoming Event: Cupola Bobber at Greenroom, Manchester.


“The Man Who Pictured Space From His Apartment”

Fri 7th November, 8pm
Greenroom, Manchester.
£9/£6 concessions

Chicago-based duo Cupola Bobber create work using a slow process of collaboration, research, and rehearsal. They mix basic materials with homespun engineering, bumbling wit, and a desire to make delicate work that surprises viewers with its detail, humour, and care. They aim to use this simple aesthetic to explore the world for an hour or two, looking at it from arms length, creating a new system for the audience to discover meaning. Intimacy, delicacy, and confusion are important; exhaustion is deployed to dramatize minutia.

The Performance.

Using an intricate web of lo-fi mechanics, they convert a confined interior into an expansive nightscape, a universe out of cardboard, and two small towers made from toy bricks. The space changes, tasks flow into each other, the light goes from bright to twilight to night… Stars dancing together, dialogue that finds meaning in dozens of connecting threads, and resolution in the kind of beauty that makes you sigh.

“A coup de theatre of rare sublimity” (The Chicago Reader)

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