Upcoming Event – She’s a Rainbow!

inter-festival-rainbowPavlos has brought a new event to our attention that you may be interested in…

Appearing in Liverpool this Saturday, a new event from International Festival; She’s a Rainbow!

She’s a Rainbow is a collaboration between students of architecture at the University of Liverpool and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, along with choreographers from mychoreography.org.

This Saturday, the 24th January, they are running an event attached to The Fifth Floor – Ideas Taking Space at Tate Liverpool.

From the website…

“International Festival has been diving deep down belly flop into the crack between architecture and performance – which is not exactly equal to dances and houses but rather Bob Fosse meets x-mas decoration or Hundertwasser gone wii-fit – to research alternative modes of production. A mixture of perspectives has been exercised from PCM (Paranoiac Critical Method) to drifting and detournement borrowed from the Situationist, to Duck and Cover and AOL (Additive Opportunistic Leeway).”

She’s A Rainbow, Tate Liverpool, Saturday 24th Jan 2009. go along if you can!

She’s a Rainbow Webpage

She’s A Rainbow Facebook Event Listing

International Festival Facebook Group



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