Upcoming Events – NS Projects!

Monday and Tuesday next week, the Negotiated Study students present their individual performances, and a number of them are open to students and the general public even! These are some of the most independently-developed small group projects and produce some wonderful material. Come along and experience them!

Unless stated, all performances take place at the Kingsway Buildings of the University of Chester.

Monday 9th Feb

ckw058 White Box Studio, 11am – 1pm:

Tracing Tracks

Current UoC Staff & Students only: A movement piece considering time and space, travelling and documenting individual journeys and recording them through video, photos, sketches, sound and movement.

elpicckw059 Black Box Studio, 2pm:

Lunar Life

“LunarLife is a simultaniously live and mediated performance incorporating spoken
word, video and sound art and dance. The main theme is the progression of the
life cycle juxtaposed to the lunar cycle, incorporating themes of femininity,
love and loss, and connections to family.”

Open to all, come along!

ckw059, Black Box Studio, 4pm

Current UoC Staff & Students only: A multimedia performance considering the audience’s  position and perception of events and experiences.

External: Alexanders’ Jazz Theatre, from 7.30pm:

sapphire1Sapphire Live, Girls’ Night Out!

Open to all, tickets £5/ £3 students

“we’re going to be singing classic tracks from bands such as Girls Aloud, Sugababes, the Saturdays and lots more so make sure you get your tickets, pick out your favourite dress, call up the girls and bring them along to come and have a great night out dancing to all your favourite songs!!”

Tuesday 10th Feb

Foyer outside ckw007, 9am to 9pm:

Study Day!

Current UoC Staff & Students only…

“Knowledge is, indeed, that which, next to virtue, truly and essentially raises one man above another.” Joseph Addison

“Please join us, to participate, contribute or view a 12 hr installation. We are 4 students doing 4 different subjects, what will happen if we do nothing but study those subjects for 12 hours? Insanity? Become a genius? Or just become bored to tears? We will be studying from 9am to 9pm, feel free to drop in at any point, or even bring a bean bag, some books and join us!”

10:00 – Settle thy Studies Faustus.
11:00 – Lay that damned book aside.
12:00 – Have you ever danced with the Devil?
13:00 – Veni Veni Mephostophilis.
14:00 – 7 deadly sins.
15:00 – Now you see me now you don’t.
16:00 – Horses for Courses
17:00 – Do you remember nothing of your leg?
18:00 – Respect your elders
19:00 – My wise friends
20:00 – Finale


Make sure you’re around for these times…

10.30 – Book Tower
12.30 – Face Painting
14.30 – Clothes Swap
16.30 – Random Dancin’
18.30 – Charades
20.30 – Jenga

ckw058 White Box Studio, 10.30am

Current UoC Staff & Students only: A video and Promenade piece developed from the concept of a popular children’s book & game series!

All event practitioners: Please email me if you’d like to add/ amend details for your performance at my chester addy!



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