Upcoming NS Performances

Next week sees the culmination of the second Negotiated Studies module, presenting a veritable feast of performance work for you to enjoy! Most performances are available to everyone, but be aware that one or two are restricted to current UoC staff & students only, mostly for Licensing reasons…

Performers: Some listings are pretty bare at the moment. If you’d like to update your entry, email me at the normal address…

Monday 23rd

0930, Kingsway 058 ‘White Box’ – Pearl Necklace!

kayl_blehYou may have heard your dad talk about them if he’s local or may even have been lucky enough to have heard of these obscure yet highly talented group of musicians…

At 9.30am Monday 23rd March a beautiful and long awaited event will take place… the first album launch, documentary viewing and exhibition of Purple Velvet’s ‘Pearl Necklace’ album.

Many years ago a group of local musicians came together to form the phenomenon that is Purple Velvet. Legendary rock journalist, Tawny Valentine filmed them in a never-before-seen documentary in 1988 and over 20 years later they have finally managed to get a record deal and release an album that should have been launched many years ago.

kayl_backkkkkPurple Velvet are:

“Lovely Michael” Michael Sprightly – Lead Vocals … the brains of the outfit
Derek “Zeus” Brown – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals … the ladies’ man
Bazzer (name unknown) – Drums … finally out of rehab

At this tremendous event you will be treated to a documentary which has never been broadcast as well as viewing several of the group’s possessions and may even get the chance to have a CD autographed and meet the band  – BE THERE !!

alicia_wireless_mobile-phones_cmyk1030, Kingsway 059 ‘Black Box’ – Wireless

Wireless is an interactive performance between audience, peformer and your mobile phone, exploring how as a society we have become obsessed with the mobile phone as a communication device.
Could you live without your mobile phone?

Please remember to bring your phone with you, and register it with us between 10:30 – 11a.m.

1300, Kingsway 058 ‘White Box’

Performance by Fiona Baxter & Nikki Gosling…

gender_fenders_n67431810745_73361400-1530, Kingsway 007 – Gender, Fenders & Money Makers

A Performative insight into Gender in Popular Music…

1 1/2 hours, including interval…

1445-1615, Kingsway 058 ‘White Box’ – Surveillancesurveillance_n75062830201_84891

How do you feel when you know you are being watched?
How do you feel when you see yourself on a screen?

An installation piece about surveillance and appearances.

mike_earth_n140829290570_44351900-2000, Kingsway 058 ‘White Box’ – Earth

This piece is an instilation focusing on Feng Shui through the meanse of Nature. It is open too all. It will be running from 19:00 till 20:00 on Monday the 23rd of March. You don’t have to stay the full hour, come for as long or short a time as you want.


2000-late, Telfords’ Warehouse – Wave into the Blue Album Launch!

Matt Robinson writes… “Launch party for my new album Wave Into The Blue, and also my Negotiated Study graded performance.

Support from Cerberrus and Arkham.

Prizes to be won!!!

Only £2 entry, and tickets can be bought in advance or on the door!”

Tuesday 24th

0930-1100, Kingsway 007

A reading of a new script created for the NS module…

1200, Kingsway 059 ‘Black Box’

Dance-based performance by Candice Davies…

1200-1400, Kingsway 058 ‘White Box’

Performance piece, J Nickson & Collette Carter – exact time TBC.

1400-1415, Kingsway 007 – Ash Steel

New Media performance by Ash Steel…

audience_n59701153475_491800-1930, Kingsway 058 ‘White Box’ – The Audience!

An installation piece by Thomas Casson and Kimberley Knapp…

water_n70008987274_355711830-1930, Kingsway 007 – Just A Few Drops of Water

An interactive installation, with water as a focus…

Wednesday 25th

trickstreats_n70566764168_6201000-1400, Kingsway 058 ‘White Box’ – Tricks are our Treats!

The participants write…

It would be really great if you could all come and support us….and don’t forget….you all may have played a part, whether you knew it or not….

….hopefully our tricks will be your treats.

The performance will include:

Sara Abed
Louise Gartland
Sarah Hancox
Charlotte Head
Megan Hugill
Rosie Thornton
Frankie Winrow

1130-1230, Kingsway 007

Performance by Elizabeth Pate, Laura Dixon and Rachel Howard…

ghost_n62161081930_38191800-1900, Kingsway 059 ‘Black Box’ – Chester Ghost Tour!

Come for a tour round haunted Chester, as you’ve never seen it before!

1900 – ‘the tree’

Private Performance – Current UoC Students & Staff members only…

Kimberley Joyce, Katie Steele, Samantha Bloom perform by ‘the tree’ at Kingsway…

Thursday 26th

1000-1200, Kingsway 059 ‘Black Box’

Performance by Elisha Baxter, exact time TBC.

cagebird_n62837166821_16661800, Kingsway 007 – Cagebird!

‘Cagebird’ is a 20min piece based loosely on a play called The Cagebirds by David Campton. With a new script, musical accompaniment and songs, we like to think of it as a contemporary revamp of the play and a look into what freedom is. It considers the idea that sometimes we are not the only thing that holds us back…

1800-2100, Kingsway 058 & 059, ‘White Box’ and ‘Black Box’ studios

A performance piece by Carly Stanton, Gemma Clark and Diane Robinson…


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