Upcoming Event – Wild Tracks!

wildTracksPublic Performance, open to all…

Michael writes with news of Wild Track, a Performance & New Media performance tomorrow, the 14th May in ckw059, the Black Box studio at Kingsway…

Wild Tracks was inspired by the work of artist Tehching Hsieh. We wanted to explore the idea of time. We asked how a performance might last an entire year. We asked how we mark time and how it marks us. We asked how we document time. We wanted to know how we could make the time to make the art we wanted to make about time etc. What you are about to see is the result. The Wild Track is the soundtrack recording during filming in case it is needed later. There is a sense that we are working in this liminal space, somewhere beyond what you hear or see, outside the frame, capturing moments from our lives that might otherwise slip away. Like the hour that we do not see that passes in between each frame of Tehching Hsieh’s Time Piece. As we see his hair grow and his body deteriorate under the pressure of the project. What Adrian Heathfield calls the ‘nowhen.’ I am proud of the work these artists have achieved and I hope you are too. Spend an hour in their shoes, in their lives, in their work. – Michael Pinchbeck (Module Tutor)

Installation performance for a third year project. The entire class has got together for a collaborative project for Performance and New Media.

Come down and support us, participate in our installation and try to have a good time.

1st Performance: 3pm to 5pm

2nd Performance: 7pm to 9pm

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