Regular external night: Jam Night at D’ Meltin’ Pot

meltinPotLogoHosted by some of our own Pop Music students, Jam Night at D’ Meltin’ Pot is a fresh take on the Jam/ Open Mic formula, with good support in a great venue.

One of the organisers writes, “…we have full backline with a good kit, guitar and bass amps and a really good PA/desk and I’m running it as more of a jam session than an ‘open mic’ type thing, though I let people play in bands or small ensembles if they ask.  Its been going pretty well so far and we’ve had some incredible musicians play a wide variety of genres, its benefitted my playing incredibly much too as its the kind of setting that is rare to find yourself in as a musician these days.  The jamming is a mix of free improvisation and playing from lead sheets or fixed form improvisations.”

Go down on a Wednesday evening and have a look!

Jam Night at D’ Meltin’ Pot, 31 Watergate Row (above and along from Watergates’ Bar)

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D’ Meltin’ Pot online



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