Upcoming shows; Faulty Optic!

image (c) Faulty Optic

image (c) Faulty Optic

In this simple, small-scale, low technology piece, Faulty Optic manipulates puppets, miniature and armless pointy-footed figures, clay, lagging, pens and plastic. Fish Clay Perspex is a series of short character studies and incidences based upon chance, futility, expectation, doubt and the turmoil caused by the flailings and failings of the human mind. Highlights include falling beasts, battered clay, bendy legs, bad drawing, frantic scribbling and the comic scrabbling of a simple, guileless duo.”

Fish Clay Perspex is touring the northwest now. It will be at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre on Thursday 8th October, and Greenroom Manchester on Friday 9th. Catch it if you can!



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