Upcoming double-bill: SHOOT OUT!

open to all current students and staff

Rosie writes with details of an upcoming double bill of Kingsway performances…


Bang goes the Cowboy  ||  Pop goes the Artist

An evening of exciting contemporary performances exploring the assassination of the notorious Jesse James, and the attempted assassination of artist Andy Warhol.

Walk in the dusty footsteps of the cowboy, browse the brothels, and click your spurs. Take the elevator to Warhol’s factory, smell the paint and the cannabis fumes, and chill out to the sounds of the Velvet Underground.

Ladies and Gentlemen, load your pistols, and be prepared to shoot at 10 paces.

We all have a reason to want them dead.

These devised performances are brought to you by Contemporary Performance 2 Students

To view the devising processes see their blogs:
The Assassination Committee
Committee 1968

Bang goes the Cowboy  ||  Pop goes the Artist

Kingsway 007 Performance Studio

Wednesday 24th February, 7.30pm



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