Call for Participants: Everyday People, Spencer Tunick at the Lowry!

The Lowry have commissioned Spencer Tunick to create one of his iconic installations in Salford and Manchester at the beginning of May this year. The Lowry are now looking for volunteers to participate in creating the project on May the 1st and 2nd.

From the Lowry project page:

Spencer Tunick is an American artist whose dramatic installations have gained him a reputation as one of the most renowned contemporary artists working today. Working with large groups of nude volunteers, Tunick orchestrates intricately posed installations, recording the outcome via photography and film. The resulting images are among the most iconic of the past 20 years – and have changed the way both participants and viewers consider the human body.

If you are interested, you can sign up to participate here.

You will only be nude for short periods of time, and in exchange will receive a limited edition print of one of the installations you appear in.



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