Laurie Anderson – Delusion at the Barbican!

Laurie Anderson is returning to the UK in April for her new show, Delusion.

Recognised internationally as a groundbreaking leader in the use of technology in the arts, Anderson is uniquely a visual artist, composer, poet, photographer, filmmaker, electronics expert, vocalist and instrumentalist.

Fusing violin, electronic puppetry and music, Delusion is a story about longing, memory and identity. Jumping between the everyday and the mythic, in a world full of nuns, elves, golems, ghost ships, archaeologists and dead relatives, a complex tale is told, introducing a host of imaginary guests…

Find more info on the Barbican event page, and get there if you can!

Laurie Anderson at the Barbican

14-17th April 2010

19.45, Tickets £10 – £35



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