Upcoming Event – Forced Entertainment in Manchester!

Void Story - Image Credit Tim Etchells and Forced Entertainment

Coming up in November, we are running a coach to Manchester’s Contact Theatre to see Void Story by the renowned Forced Entertainment.

Void Story follows a beleaguered pair of protagonists on a rollercoaster ride through the decimated remains of contemporary culture. Forced Entertainment perform this bleak and comical modern fable as if it were a radio play, sitting at tables, turning the pages of the script, ‘doing’ the requisite voices and adding in sound effects. Simultaneously the stage is dominated by a series of projected images, a storyboard for an impossible movie-version of Tim Etchells’ unsettling text. Somewhere between the live dialogue, the recorded sound effects and the collaged images is where Void Story actually takes place.

The trip is running on the 16th of November, include a post-show discussion, and are just £7 each – bargain!

Tickets can be purchased from our Administrator Wendy Miller, or from Drama Lecturer Dani Abulhawa.

Check out the trailer and book your tickets early!



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