Upcoming Event – Survival Tactics!

Liz Aggiss - Survival Tactics

Liz Aggiss – Survival Tactics

Coming soon to Kingsway – Survival Tactics

Open to all current students and staff of the University of Chester, the Department of Performing Arts presents Survival Tactics in the 005 Dance Studio on Wednesday 17th October at 7pm.

From a glamorous, blonde bombshell in high-heels to a pigeon toed, bow legged, oddball in big pants – Survival Tactics upturns the usual perception of the female stage body on its head. Inspired by Ausdruckstanz, with a fascination for grotesque dance, and a penchant for British music hall, Liz Aggiss pays homage to her historical mentors (and to herself) through a seamless fusion of text and movement, film and reconstruction.

Liz AggissFor the past 30 years Liz Aggiss has delivered her personal signature style in ad hoc locations around the globe dodging categorisation and being classified as unclassifiable. A maverick and anarchic dance and film artist, she has been a Guerrilla Dancer, Diva, Wild Wiggler, Grotesque Dancer, Trout, Martyr and a Professor. From her early days in the 80’s supporting punk legends The Stranglers with her cabaret troupe The Wild Wigglers, to her classic solo Grotesque Dancer in 1986, to her dance/opera duet Falling Apart at the Seams in 1994, to her award winning film Motion Control in 2002, Liz Aggiss has been redefining her own brand of British contemporary dance.

Now as an aging, subversive, post menopausal, post-post-modern artist, with transgressive corporeality, she acknowledges that she is no longer a spring chicken. But she is far from being clapped out. Indeed she is raring to go. Survival Tactics challenges expectations of what her aging, post menopausal, fleshy dancing body should be doing, why she should be doing it, and where it should be done.

Survival Tactics is coming to the 005 Dance Studio at Kingsway on Wednesday 17th October at 7pm.

Tickets for the show are a bargain at just £2 each, and are available from SJ in the Faculty Admin office. Catch them while you can!

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