Upcoming Trip – Beautiful Burnout by Frantic Assembly!

Cameron Burns is going places. He’s fighting for his club, his mum, his place in the world. And this boy is a natural. He has an affinity with the violence, the balance, the ritual, the grace, and the power of the most controversial sport of our time.

Bryony Lavery’s heart-wrenching and deeply human story follows five young fighters as they aim for the bright lights, far from Glasgow’s mean, grey streets.

This knockout production is spectacularly staged, drawing its audience into the heart of the action, where every jab, hook and uppercut feels flinchingly realistic.

Featuring a stunning backdrop of glittering video screens and a pulsating soundtrack by electronic heavyweights Underworld, Beautiful Burnout packs an almighty, and unforgettable punch.

Beautiful Burnout is touring the UK currently, and coming to the West Yorkshire Playhouse on Thursday 8th November. The Performing Arts Department are running a subsidised coach to see this acclaimed production, with tickets available from the admin office for just £20 including coach travel!

The coach will depart Kingsway at 16:30 on Thursday 8th November. If you are a combined student, please ensure you get permission from your other subject area classes if there is a timetabling conflict!

Additional: Frantic Assembly are also doing a free workshop for us in February – priority for this will be given to those who have attended the performance!



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