Extracurricular – Capoeira at Kingsway!

CapoeiraCurrent students: From 7th November, we are offering extra-curricular classes in Capoeira by the wonderful Rafael and Jane. The course runs across 15 consecutive weeks, excluding both student development weeks, ending 13th March 2013. There are only 30 spaces and it will be on a first-come-first-served basis, so please place your name with our department Administrator!

Our Dance Programme writes…


This is a fabulous fabulous fabulous opportunity, Rafael is a wonderful teacher and we would really encourage you to engage! The sessions are £3 each but we are asking people to pay up front so that we know who can commit to the whole series…it’s only fair! This means that the total amount is £45 (£3 x 15 sessions). You can pay the entire amount as soon as possible or in three instalments of £15 but you have to provide a £15 deposit before the classes start on the 7th of November.

There is more info about Capoeira in the video below, and specifically on Rafael and Jane’s website, please check it out!



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